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Informatyk - Web Designer / Grafik

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We're looking for an experienced web designer with exceptional graphic design skills (Photoshop). We are in the business of creating and selling Premium WordPress Themes and we're looking for someone to join our team. You will:

- be passionate about web design,
- know everything about web design industry standards,
- have crazy level of attention to details,
- have a well developed aesthetic sense,
- be innovative and creative,
- be an expert in typography,
- know how to use white space well,
- have an impressive portfolio,
- possess great communication skills,
- have good working knowledge about latest web standards and technologies, like CSS3, jQuery, HTML5, etc.

Job description:

Your job will be to create a four or five pages design based on the wireframes we provide. A single assignment usually comprises of designing a home page, a blog listing page, a portfolio gallery page, a single blog / content page and a contact page. Usual time frame is one to two weeks. We are looking for a top-notch, beautiful, world-class designs only.

After your job is done, we will use the design to create a fully functional WordPress theme, so it will work on your favour if you are familiar with WP and know how themes work and how they are usually constructed.

We are quite flexible about the payment method and we are willing to pay you in advance if you gain our trust. Once project is completed, you will agree to transfer all the rights to your design to us and allow us to redistribute it without any restrictions. We require you to sign an NDA before we start working together.

Please apply with your rate per single project and link to your online portfolio. Applications without portfolios will not be considered.

Send your applications to: [email protected]

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